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Excite Your Tastebuds with Flavor Explosions

Liberate your stale drinks and join us in the soda revolution! Carbonate Anything!

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Endless Possibilities.Carbonates Anything Instantly

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  • Easy Use Cartridges.

    Now it is easier than ever to make soda at home when using disposable CO2 cartridges with our beverage carbonating system. Each cartridge has enough pressure to make 2 liters
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  • Soda Plus Now At Dillard's

    Dillard's Department Store is now carrying Soda Plus!
  • Making A Difference.

    Soda Plus beverage carbonating system helps reduce your carbon footprint on each and every use. Each time the system is used the environment saves fossil fuels and waste.
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  • Soda Plus Starter Kit

    Carbonate anything with the amazing Soda Plus. Take control of what you drink yet still experience the wonderful sensation of sparkling soda! Starter kit includes 10 CO2 Chargers.
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  • Strawberry Vodka Sparkler.

    Nothing sits better with a cool summer night than a refreshing strawberry vodka sparkler. Hints of lemon bite at the palette while the cool smooth flavors of strawberry refresh and
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  • Mineral Water.

    The benefits of drinking mineral water have been known and studied for thousands of years. There are key ingredients that can be found in nearly every brand of mineral water
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